Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A birthday wish!

April 30th is my sister, Chris' birthday. Jordan is just wanting to wish her a happy birthday with all the rest of the family. Hope you enjoy your day!

Jordan and his mom

The kids were in town today, so I got a few pictures of the baby with his mother. Enjoy! He is sitting there just eating a piece of "pizza" teether.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The pile we cleaned out of the shed this week

My sister was here this week, so we cleaned out closets and then cleaned out the shed. We were getting rid of stuff that we have had accumulated over 25 years. What a bunch of junk. This pile will be going to the dump in the very near future by way of cleanup days here in our town. We really had a good time, between trips to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and sorting stuff to save, pitch or sell, and building shelves in the shed. Much different than last years vacation. Good to have you here Chris! Come again real soon!

Just a little time playing

Jordan loves to play with his feet and here you can see him. He usually either has a foot in his mouth or a finger to chew on.

A study in different effects

I was just trying to see what the different effects would look like. I personally like the black and white picture the best. The subject is so cute but I just like that one the best. Let me know what you think!

It sure has been awhile!

I have been on vacation this past week. Jordan and his folks had been here to see us some and also my sister, Chris, came from Utica to visit and help create chaos. Here are some pics of Jordan while they were here to see us. Here Grandma is feeding Jordan breakfast.

The next picture is of Jordan in his walker. He just loves being up and seeing everything that is going on. He doesn't want to miss a thing.

Here is a picture of Jordan and his daddy spending some quality time together. They just looked thrilled don't they????

Here we have Jordan in his summer beach clothes. Check out the little sandals that he got. His cool little hat on backwards, the Hawaiian shirt and the khaki shorts make a cute outfit. Sorry about the picture being sideways, I have a new computer and haven't intalled any picture software yet to fix it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rainforest Jumperoo

Jordan's Mom and Dad got him this jumperoo and he just loves it. They got it last week and set it up at our house and let him sit in it for a while. He would get to jumping and then to laughing. He was having such a good time. He is just such a happy little man. I think he is also starting to recognize the camera and loves to have his picture taken.