Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Today is my wife's ?? birthday. I just want to take the time to wish her a wonderful day. She is working right now and we have plans for the weekend. She has been a wonderful companion for the last 26 years and she is my best friend. We share so much and think so much alike most of the time. God has truly blessed my life with her. I will be taking pictures this weekend and will post more later. Love you dear!!!! Here she is with her favorite little man!

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is for you Stacy

Here are pictures of the pictures that are hanging on our living room wall. Stacy, there aren't too many of you since I don't have too many of you! We have to do something about that.

More work around the house

We started painting in the master bedroom the other day but I had to shut down my computer and was not able to use it to show you what we had accomplished. This first picture of the sort of white wall is what has been in our bedroom for seven years. It is supposed to look like cracked paint.

This is the new look for our bedroom. The upper part of the wall is a light green color and the bottom is a darker, almost sage green. The border then has all of the colors of the bedroom in it to draw everything together. I think that my sister and I do some awesome work. Maybe we should start a business. What a laugh!

Trip to Burlington, Vermont

Today we took a trip to Burlington, VT for a doctors appointment. It was a beautiful day for a drive. The weather was sunny and there was a wind blowing pretty gusty, especially as we were crossing Lake Champlain on the ferry. Chris was not really thrilled about that. Anyway, after the appt. we went and had lunch at a place called "Nothing but Noodles". It was very good! Then we decided to go to Michael's Crafts. Found another picture frame to use somewhere. When we came out of Michael's this is what we saw on the Green Mountains. Look at that snow. As the sign says, "Wrong Way". It needs to get warmer not colder.