Thursday, January 20, 2011

Family pictures

Rachel's brother, Donnie, came and did some pictures for us while Justin and Stacy were here. Here is the link so you can see the pictures.

Number 200 blog entry!

Just some pictures that were taken while Justin was home before heading to California. Stacy came and was here for the two weeks of Justin's RAP. It was a good time. Got Stacy to do the cooking and baking and cleaning while she was here. She was trying to make us all gain weight. Here is the link to the photos

Airman McCallus visiting Madison School

While Justin was home, he was involved in a Recruiter Assistance Program. He different tasks that he did with and for the local recruiter. Rachel wanted him to come in and talk to her class one day. These are the pictures that Stacy took of him at school.

Looks like he knows what he is talking about.


**Just a note to let you know that notes on the side do not end up by the pictures that they should be beside.

Justin got home from Texas on Christmas Eve. We had all gathered at Esther's house for the evening. We had a good time as everyone started arriving. A few tense moments worrying if Tiffany was going to run out of gas somewhere and we would have to send out a rescue party.

We started off our morning by going to Jeffrey and Tina's house for opening gifts. It was a lot of fun to watch Jordan opening his gifts.

Todd played the part of Santa and passed out the gifts to those that were here.

Mathias received his own Yankees onesie much to his mothers dismay.

Black Peter visits

My wife's class at school studies about cultures and traditions in other lands and one way she does that is Christmas traditions around the world. She called me one morning and asked if I could play the part of "Black Peter". I told her I would. If you want to know about the tradition you can look it up on Wikipedia. I found my old make-up kit and colored my face brown and my beard black, dressed in all black and went to school to throw candy and cookies in her classroom. Really made some believers!


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. There were 32 here for dinner. I didn't get pictures of everyone, but these are just some random shots of the kids, family, and tables.

The Last Rose of Summer

This was the last rose of summer that I could pick. I picked this rose on November 1st. It lasted for weeks and then finally faded away.