Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some more Party and departure

The driveway was very full, we were in competition with the party going on across the road.

Marilyn got a nice money tree planted in dirt cake ready for Justin. I wish I could have planted it outside and made it grow.

Justin opening his cards and gifts.

Jordan and Justin playing together after everyone else had left.

Syracuse on Tuesday morning, March 2, 2010. This is at the MEPS building getting ready for the official swearing in. There were quite a few recruits that day. Seven of them were for the Air Force.

At ease, with this man talking to the recruits and the parents.

Taking the oath of Enlistment.

Still smiling after he had signed his contract.

Some family shots before we headed to the airport. I didn't take my camera in the airport but I think you know what the scene is like at an airport and we had enough fun getting through security. Ladies and bobbie pins and security machines just don't get along.

Party Time

Chris was keeping Jordan occupied while we were decorating and getting things ready inside.

Tina and Aunt Marilyn decorated the archway.

These are some Air Force jets that we hung from the dining room light.

This is the living room ceiling fan.

Not sure what these two are up to.

Justin with Aunt Marilyn.

The wonderful cake that we had gotten at Hannaford.

The balloons along the ceiling.

Some family shots here.

The guests have arrived and we are eating some of Justin's favorite foods.

Tony got taken sideways.