Sunday, February 26, 2012

Diet Sunday Dinner

Here are the steaks, hot off the grill. I hadn't tried to grill this winter with my new grill because I have never been able to grill in the winter with a grill because it is too cold here in the winter. It was mild on Thursday, so I tried cooking burgers on the grill and that worked fine, so Rachel suggested that we try the steaks on the grill today. I first had to shovel the pile of snow off of the back deck and clean the snow off of the grill before I could even light it. Got it heated up to 400 degrees and cooked them 10 minutes on one side and about 8 on the other side. Just right is the way to describe them.
Added the rest of the wonderful things to go with it and it was an awesome meal. Sauteed the onions with a little butter and a little olive oil, and then added a can of mushrooms and a can of french onion soup, then cooked off the extra moisture and they were delicious.

Savored every bit of it.