Thursday, March 26, 2009

Justin's big trip

This is a picture of Air Canada's 767 getting ready to load for flight 888 to London, England. This picture was taken in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada late on Wednesday, March 25. (Sorry it is so fuzzy, but it was taken on a cell phone) Justin was getting on this flight to go to London to see his girlfriend Stacy who is studying in Plymouth, England, this semester. I took Justin to the airport and then drove back home afterward, getting home about 1 a.m. I would have gotten home sooner, but I was chosen to be someone to have a random search of their vehicle as I was crossing back into the USA at Cornwall, Ontario. They found nothing illegal in the van and I was on my merry way after about 10 minutes. Justin will be in England for 2 weeks visiting Stacy and doing some sightseeing with her. I am sure when he gets back he will have lots of photos to share on his Facebook page.
Jeffrey, Tina, and Jordan are going to be here yet tonight. They are on their way home from our church conference ministerial convention that was held at our Schenectady church this week. We are anxious to see them and hear all about their trip. Blessing to you all!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jordan update

Jordan came home from the hospital Thursday afternoon. His fever is gone, he is still coughing, and still had noise in his lungs. He went to his doctor on Friday and has to return next Friday again. Hopefully everything will be all better by then.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One sick little man!

Our little man, Jordan, has been very sick the last couple of days. He has been in the hospital since Tuesday afternoon. He had a very high fever and then finally today was diagnosed with pneumonia. He has been on monitors and IVs and getting medicine orally. Tonight he was much better. His temp was getting closer to normal and he was acting much more normal. He still isn't interested in eating a lot but that will come. We are very thankful that God has touched him and that many prayers that went up to God have been answered. Thanks to everyone that prayed.