Friday, September 17, 2010

Jordan and Nanny blowing bubbles!

Jeffrey, Tina, and Jordan came over on Tuesday evening. Jordan wanted to blow bubbles, so he and Nanny had some fun. Enjoy the pictures.

Youth Rally, Saturday, September 11, 2010

We had our first youth rally of the season at Whalen Park along the St. Lawrence River. The pictures loaded backwards, so the first is our speaker, Rev. Joe Krohn, from our Kingston, Ontario church, the next three pictures are of the group as we gathered for lunch, and the last is the ship that was passing by when we got there. It was the only ship we saw while we were there. It was a beautiful sunny day. The little kids had fun rolling down the hill by the pavillion.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a visit to Jeffrey and Tina's house.

Thursday evening we went over to Jeffrey and Tina's house. Jordan was showing us how he can blow this little horn.

Here he and Nanny are spending some time together.

Jeffrey bought some bagpipes and he was trying to get them to work right. Sometimes the reeds are not real cooperative. He thinks that we were making fun of him, but I really think that it is going to be cool when he can play them. I like the sound of bagpipes.

Jordan sitting on his bed. It took much persuasion to get him to do this.

These are some "Thomas and Friends" plaques that Tina got for Jordan's room. He knows them all by name.

Labor Day weekend

These first three pictures are from Monday, Labor Day. Esther, Marilyn and Randy, Grandpa Steve, Donnie, Jeffrey, Tina, Jordan, Tandy and Andrew all were here for our pizza, subs, and chip party. This first picture here was of Nanny and Aunt Esther doing a puzzle.

Jordan and Aunt Esther were playing ball.

These next few were taken on Sunday night after church. Jeffrey and Tina and Jordan came over to the house. Aunt Chris was here for the weekend, but left Monday during the day. I was working.

Tina just loves to have her picture taken, can't you tell.

The rest of the pictures were taken Friday night. Jordan got a puzzle and a "Thomas" trainset with a few blocks to build with. He and Aunt Chris played with that a lot and also played ball a lot.

Duplicate picture, but I don't want to take the risk of losing all of the pictures and starting this all over again.

Here he is playing with the Thomas set.

He really loves Chris.

Has poor Aunt Chris worn right out.