Friday, June 19, 2009

Today was Jeffrey, Jr.'s 25th birthday. We had cake and ice cream after campmeeting service tonight. Jeffrey, Tina, Jordan, Rachel, and I went to Guy's Diner for supper. We had a good time. Justin has been away for several days working in Plattsburgh, NY. He was home tonight.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The new Chef in town!

This is a picture we took on the cell phone while we were at the Children's Museum in Portland, Maine. They had many different areas in the museum, this was the kitchen area, and the kids can get dressed up in different outfits. Tina put the Chef's outfit on and Jordan is a real ham when you get a camera out. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Old Orchard Beach 2

Jeffrey and Tina then joined Grandma and Jordan in the water. It was too cool for swimming but they had fun wading in for a while.

The water was at low tide so there was lots of beach there. This picture is looking toward the southwest and you can see the pier is not even in the water here. The white building on the end of the pier is a restaurant. As you can also see, there were not many people out on the beach this day. Their busy season has not yet started.

This is looking up the beach the other way. Lots of resorts and further up the beach were some private homes. Again, not many people.

Jordan had a little shovel and bucket and did enjoy playing in the sand. He is nearly frozen here but he did not want to go back to the room. It was not too long after this that he got a nap and was then refreshed.

We had a very enjoyable time with the "Kids" and someday would like to do a full blown vacation all together. That would be a lot of fun. There is so much to do in that area. We will get Aunt Chris to go with us of course! She and Jordan can build cansastles on the beach.

Old Orchard Beach

This is what the beachcombers left behind on the beach. Last week, Jeffrey, Tina, and Jordan had to meet our conference council in Albany, NY on Tuesday. After they left there they headed to Old Orchard Beach, Maine for a few days. On Thursday after work, Rachel and I headed over to join them. We stayed at the Alouette Resort that was right on the beach. We had a nice suite and really had a good time.

This is looking out the door of our room toward the ocean. It was very foggy and cool on Friday. We went and had breakfast at a bagel place. We ate outside and enjoyed ourselves. After breakfast we headed north to Portland to go to the Children's Museum and then to do some shopping. Mid-afternoon we got back to Old Orchard Beach and headed to the beach.

This is Jordan and me when we got down on the beach. It was considerably cooler on the waterfront.

Here is grandma with her baby heading into the water.

Here grandma is really serious about getting into the water. She loves the ocean. She just kept going a little further and a little further out.