Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jordan and his first sleepover without Mom and Dad

Jordan spent a very successful one night sleepover at Nanna and Papa's house on Friday night. Rachel recruited my sister Chris to come help her to entertain Jordan on Saturday during the day when I had to work. All of these pictures were actually taken Saturday evening after his parents returned but one. The one that is sideways was taken during the day on Saturday. I tried to delete it and turn it but I couldn't get it out.These first few he was just climbing up the side of the chair with Nanny.

In these pictures, Jordan was showing us that he could jump over the ball. I was just able to catch him in mid air for most of them. It looks as if he is going to fall, but he didn't fall at all while he was jumping over the ball.

Here he and Aunt Chris are playing soccer. He is very aware of all the different sports and the idea of how they are to be played.

New Toys!

This past week, my wife and I have gotten one new toy each. They aren't exclusively for each one of us, they are to be shared items. I got her this nice riding mower so she can mow the yard for me and I got a new kitchen faucet so I can do the dishes for her. Isn't this such nice idea? Really, I got the mower so it would be easier and quicker to get the yard done instead of the old push mower that was self propelled. There is now a lot of work to prepare the yard for a riding mower. Rocks to be dug up and holes to be filled in. Guess it will keep me out of trouble.

This is the new faucet that we got. My sister was here for the weekend so she assisted in the installation of the faucet. She also assisted in keeping Jordan from jumping on my stomach while I was underneath the sink.