Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is what our youngest son Justin has decided upon for his future for the next 4-6 years. We are very proud of him. This has not been an easy decision for him. There have been many obstacles that have come up in his way as he was working toward this goal. He feels at this point that this is the path for his life. He scored very high on the ASVAB which is very good in choosing his jobs. He goes the beginning of next week to Syracuse to make those selections. I know that this is not the official logo for the Air Force, but I liked this one. Please remember him in your prayers as he starts on this venture.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Over the last couple of weeks, Rachel and I took turns at being sick. I ended up missing several days of work and going to the doctor to get medicine. Neither of us had the H1N1 virus. She toughed hers out and I ended up running too high of a fever to just tough it out. I am starting to feel some better, but still have an asthmatic condition that just doesn't want to let go. Hopefully soon I will feel 100%. We are very thankful that no one else "caught" what we had. I had today off and spent part of the day outdoors taking care of some last minute preparations for winter. I covered over my rose bush and buried some peony roots under lots of leaves and cardboard. Hopefully they will make it alright through the winter. I wanted to get them planted, but the weather doesn't always cooperate, and today I ran out of energy. Got the snowblower running and cleaned out the gutters.

Worked hard to catch up the blog for the few that even look at it, but at least I have a record that I can look at once in a while. We are having Thanksgiving at our house and I will post pictures after that. If anything exciting happens in the mean time I will probably do another post.

This gray frog has been staring at us too long!

A couple of weeks ago, my brother-in-law Kendall had an accident with his van. We gave him one of our vans to use and this seat needed to be cleaned so it sat in our living room and just sort of stared at us. Several had commented about it looking like a frog. The frog has returned to his van and all is well at this point.


Jordan was a little elephant for Halloween. He really wasn't too excited about the head wear. Tina and Chris took him out to one of Tina's friends house and then he went and got some candy at other places. He did alright.

Rachel's Birthday October 30th

Rachel's birthday was on a Friday and we went out to dinner at "The Ole Smokehouse" on Saturday. We had cake and ice cream on Friday evening. These are just some of the pictures from that evening.

We told Jordan to spread his legs apart to hit the golf ball, he got a little carried away.

September 30th!

On September 30th I reached the grand age of 50. I was on vacation from work that whole week, so as to not get a lot of hassle there. We had a family dinner on Tuesday of that week. We went to the Goose Landing Restaurant to celebrate. Then on Saturday of that week, my wife and sister had a party at our house for my birthday. I didn't take any pictures of my own party. This picture is what was waiting for me when I did return to work after my vacation. My coworkers would not let me take it down until the end of the day. They got to have a little bit of fun at my expense.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay in putting up pictures about Rachel's birthday weekend, but I have been not feeling well and maybe if I feel better tomorrow I can get those pictures up. Thanks for your patience!