Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jordan at the wedding

Just a few candids of Jordan. He behaved very well considering the time and temperature of the day.

This is Jordan with his great, great, great Aunt Dorothy Straight. She was up from Pennsylvania for the wedding.

Weekend wedding

Rachel's niece, Tandy, got married on Saturday the 24th. Justin and Jeffrey were both in the wedding and of course, we attended. These are just a few shots. Jeffrey did a reading and Justing was a groomsman.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Look what I can do!

Isn't this something? I can just sit there and look around and enjoy everything. I still have to be careful. Every so often I lean just a little too far and then I am a goner. I did get my first tooth also. My next trick that I am working on is crawling.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jordan's Dedication Service

This is Grandpa Major getting started with the dedication service for Jordan Christ0pher McCallus. The service was Sunday evening, May 18, 2008. Jordan was 7 months old today. The event took place at the Pilgrim Holiness Church in Russell, NY. where Jordan's father is the pastor.
This is just a shot during the ceremony.

Here is Grandpa Major praying the dedication prayer. Notice to the right, Tina is wiping her eyes. What you can't see is that Sharon and Rachel were wiping their eyes also!

We are getting ready to sing for Jordan. For our wedding, both the boys dedications, and Jeffrey and Tina's wedding, Rachel has done words for the song, "You're Something Special", and then it has been sung. We couldn't leave Jordan's service out. He truly is something special to all of us!

This was after the service, mingling with the congregation.

Here are the proud parents with their wonderful little boy.

Here they are with the Majors.

Here is the McCallus side.

Here are the other grandparents, the Majors!

Here we are with the little guy, ain't he a cutie!

When all was said and done, everyone went home, and Jordan zonked out! Mom and Dad both look a little tired too!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just some pictures!

These are some pictures that I took of Jordan the other night. He is working on getting his first tooth and so he is sucking his bottom lip in all the time. Enjoy the pics! We were supposed to have his baby dedication service yesterday, but Jordan got very sick during the afternoon on Sunday. Jordan was feeling better in the evening, and on Monday, he was fine. They are not for sure what happened to him, but we are glad he is OK now. The service was canceled and rescheduled for next Sunday. I will have more pictures after that service.