Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's Work

We were very concerned this morning about the weather, but the rain only came down for about 2 minutes and it wasn't very bad.  The sun came out about 3 o'clock.
 We had a good day of working today.  We got the section toward the pool all framed in on the pool side and then got extra support all in place.  While Chris was working on the tough cuts, I got all of the screws in on the 8 x 12 section we decked yesterday.
This is to show you the edge along the side of the pool. If you are really wondering we are raising a special breed of "black mollies" in the pool. 
 This is looking back the other way.
 By supper time, we had all of the deck boards cut and in place and screwed down. Looking pretty awesome.
 Jordan came home not feeling the best, so he wasn't out with us while we were working.  He came out as we were finishing up cleaning up.

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